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Is something nagging away at you? Has your prince turned into a toad? Can’t you find your princess? Are you suffering from ‘cloud nine syndrome’? Are you still in doubt about the study or career path to take? Are things not working out with your kids? Have you lost contact with your parents? Are you unhappy, tired, depressed? Are you even aware of your own capacities and possibilities? Maybe things are not bad enough yet…


Not just problem cases book a consultation, although AstroTherapy isn’t for believers! My aim is to improve your quality of life. PsychoAstro Consultation will give you a fresh view on life and workable paths, regardless of your education, job or family situation.


You go to the doctor for your physical health, so why wouldn’t you go to someone who can look into your soul and examines your psychological health? To talk to someone who doesn’t mince her words and even understands you… Wouldn’t that be enlightening? PsychoAstroConsult offers you the boost you need! Are you ready for the confrontation?

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PsychoAstroConsult shows you your talents, untangles your brain’s twists and addresses the issues that bother you. Connections between your past, present and future are crucial. That, and advice that makes sense, of course.

A consultation for yourself and your relationships is beneficial, especially in times of crisis. Are you dealing with disappointment, anger or fear, then an appointment is an essential step towards change. Don’t let negative experiences paralyse you!

Follow-up consultations guide you towards solid solutions so that you are better prepared for whatever you face and so you can love and make plans with confidence.

Parents! You are the best therapists! Consultations optimise the process of raising your children.

Girls and boys, you are bursting with energy but you don’t always succeed in expressing your needs, desires, anxieties, etc. A confidential conversation about yourself, your girl-/boyfriend, your studies and ambitions can be a push in the right direction. Book a consultation!


You pay for the length of the consultation, regardless of whether you come alone, as a couple or as a family. Normally, a consultation will last about 2 hours, although an introductory session of just 1 hour is possible as well. Reduced rates are available for youths, students and the unemployed. Initial email communication is free, a price will be proposed before the actual consultation.

For follow-up consultations, email communication and assignments are included.

Consult en SkypeConsult are possible in Dutch, French, English and Spanish.

Appointments via email, text message or Messenger to Eline Rootsaert, psycho-astro therapist. Give me your name and date of birth, propose a couple of possible times, write what it’s about and wait for confirmation.

Consultprijzen: €200 (2u) of €100 (1u) voor volwassenen, €100 (2u) of €60 (1u) voor werkzoekenden, studenten en jongeren vanaf 13 jaar, excl btw.

Consultation rates: €200 (2h) or €100 (1h) for adults, €100 (2h) or €60 (1h) for the unemployed, students en youths from 13 years old, ex VAT.

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Talking to your doctor… helps

You feel heard when your physician informs you, considers the causes of an illness and discusses the possible treatments with you. PsychoAstroMedical analysis and clear diagnostics aid to decide on what might be the most effective therapy. The synergy between body and mind requires engagement with both the physical and mentally side to thus achieve a healthy spirit in a healthy body.


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