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School Voor Astrologie

A place where spirit, reason and the art of living meet, under ancient wooden beams and among the fields of the Flemish countryside. School Voor Astrologie has been an authority in the field of Psychological Astrology since 1989 thanks to high quality courses. The seminars are suited to everyone who understand that predictions are nonsense while understanding is an asset. Case Studies serve as an introduction to this wonderful method of analysis or as opportunity to practise for the more advanced. Above all, School Voor Astrologie offers no-nonsense advice. This is done in complete confidentiality during a PsychoAstroConsult. Spirit + Ratio = Insight!


Eline Rootsaert

Psychological Astrologer, psychotherapist and counsellor; like Dr Seuss, Tom Wolfe, Lou Reed and yes, Gorbachev also, she is a full Pisces – with a twist: rational, humanistic and committed, empathic but no-nonsense, obviously addicted to all the delights that life has to offer while still being devoted to her husband and son.

Latin and Greek in secondary school and French and history in higher education in Ghent. Then to the heart of Africa to teach and on to Saudi Arabia to further learn what life is about. Extended travels to Central and Northern Africa, the Far East, the USA, Haiti, ...

Lived in Andalusia for several years, read through whole libraries and learned from the best: Carl Gustav Jung, Dane Rudhyar, Joseph Campbell, three great thinkers. Additionally, Robert Hand, Jack Chandu, Jeff Green, Howard Sasportas, Liz Greene, Noel Tyl, Glenn Perry, Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine.

Founded School Voor Astrologie in 1989 in Ghent. Thousands of classes and consultations were given, metres of articles and numerous syllabi were written. I specialised in relationships and education and today, I am still just as driven as I am controversial…

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Rini Verpraet

Rini Verpraet, a bioscience engineer and medical doctor, specialised in auriculotherapy, acupuncture and homeopathie, is a unique Leo, just like Josef Strauss, Isaac Hayes and Robert Plant: creative and to the point, intelligent, efficient and professional, an outstanding doctor with a soft touch and a clear analysis. Above all, he is a fantastic husband and a magnificent father.

More than just competent: bioscience engineering and occupational medicine (UGent), acupuncture (Brussels), Auriculotherapy (Paris), fytho- aroma- and homeopathy. He is more than just experienced: quality control engineer at Croky, assistant at Ghent University, occupational medicine specialist previously at Securex, Brussels Aviation Medical and currently head of staff at Ghent University. He also maintains his own doctor’s practice at home.


Eline en Rini

Are partners on the same wavelength and parents of Illya (27 augustus 1994).


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