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Perfect PISCES DOES exist…

Wise, sensitive people such the Perfect Pisces Archetype are certainly not found on every street corner, but they do exist!

When Pisces types have passed their primitively sentimental phase and progressed beyond emptiness, then fear not for esoteric blarney, nor for an IT worker who loses himself on bits, bytes and gallons of beer. Nor should you fear a neurotic creature that burdens colleagues, spouse and children with doom, depression and dejectedness.

Perfect Pisces has long overcome that, since they have grasped humanism and have elevated em-, com- and other -pathies to an art.

Should you ever meet a Pisces type like this, then rejoice! For (s)he will show you what constitutes essential love, not the instant and obligatory sort, but the durable and eternally spiritual… Isn’t that marvellous?




Perfect PISCES is NOT found on every street corner…

To the contrary! Pisces types are generally slimy eels and while that may well be pleonastic, that’s the way it is.

Pisces types are sharp sluggards, lame-brained libertines and masters of manipulation. But I’m al-lowed to say all this, because I am Pisces myself and I therefore know what I’m talking about.

Are we all such cruel beings then? Of course not!

When the fishy fish get rid themselves of delusion, chaos and other addictions, Essence reveals itself and then a Pisces man is just a short dash away from his deepest being and a Pisces woman from her mighty whizzzzzz……


© SVA Eline Rootsaert – YV.


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